A workshop mapping Manizales, Colombia

Universidad de Caldas

15 June 2020

Festival de la Imagen
Participatory Design Conference 2020
PDC 2020 workshops
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Data Walking is an ongoing research project exploring the potential of walking to gather data on the urban environment and then through multiple walks and visualisations build a rich picture of that area, acknowledging the plural understandings and experiences of the urban environment.

The project examines technology and tools for creative data gathering and experimenting with data visualisation, gain insight, and share knowledge, supporting civic participation and enquiry. Data Walking aims to engage participants on issues relevant to our communities, and empower those communities with new skills and tools to create new knowledge and new tools.

With the ongoing coronavirus situation we must consider delivering and participating in the workshop remotely. While it will be a shame to not have everyone together, it does offer us new ways to explore participation and Data Walking.

For Participatory Design Conference 2020, in this workshop we will explore the host city, Manizales. Participants will define themes, establish data gathering techniques, walk the city gathering data, and then learn how to create interactive online data-driven maps. Through multiple participants and perspectives we aim to build multiple and diverse understandings of the urban environment we walked.

If you can't make it Manizales, but would like to take part in this workshop remotely then you can explore your own local city, wherever that is in the world. Participants can define their own themes, establish data gathering techniques, walk their area gathering data, and then together through remote connection we will learn how to create interactive online data-driven maps. Through multiple participants and perspectives we aim to build multiple and diverse understandings of the areas we have walked. Please do not break any local rules imposed by quarantine or lockdown. Your health & wellbeing is more important than the workshop!

Bringing together people from different perspectives, backgrounds, and locations is what makes participatory design interesting. A local/remote combined workshop will be an exciting occasion!

This is a practical and hands on workshop. Ultimately participants will be learning how to conduct their own Data Walks and incorporate it into their own research methods and approaches.

First, thank you for your interest! Please fill in the form linked below with details about yourself. There are a maximum of 30 participants and allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Please fill in the form by 15th of May 2020.

If you have any questions, or trouble with this form contact us on:

No specific expertise or skills are required for this workshop, and we want a diverse group of people to join. If you are a resident of Manizales or Colombia, or have connections to the community there we want you to be involved.

A smartphone and laptop is needed. If you do not have a smartphone or laptop we can put people together in teams. We must have one laptop per team to make the interactive map at the end of the workshop. We will use free/open source software. You must be willing to explore the city for approximately one hour.


Data Walking is a research project by David Hunter, supported by the Ravensbourne Research Office.