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Data Walking Idea Generator

This is a tool to generate ideas for what to gather data on walks, how to gather it, and then how to visualise what you gathered.

This is intended as a creative tool to generate ideas, you don't have to follow it exactly. Feel free to deviate or from the suggestions, it is just a starting point.

If a suggested parameter doesn't make sense then you can reload each parameter using the ↺ reload button, or reload the whole set by reloading the webpage. You might want to generate two sets, so you have at least two variables to measure and compare but combine them into one form and output.

This is the first version so probably needs some refinement. If you have ideas to improve it (maybe simplified, maybe more nuanced) please let me know!

Gather data

On the topic

Using this tool

Create a visualisation

And output as

Now make a plan, pick a route, get what you need, and go walking!

* For more clarification and detail on these charting types and examples check out Visual Vocabulary by the data visualisation team at the FT.